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Blood Group Serology Reagents / Blood Banking

 We are a certified representative of HUMAN  which offers a specially selected line of CE marked monoclonal blood typing reagents as well as reagents for antibody detection/compatibility testing using conventional methods. All reagents meet the high European IVD quality standards.

HumaType reagents for ABO & Rhesus typing are potent reagents with high antigen affinity. The reagents are suited for traditional tube, slide and microplate techniques.

Rhesus typing reagents: HumaType Anti-D (IgM) is the ideal reagent for patient typing, whereas HumaType Anti-D blended (IgM/IgG) can be used for both patient and donor typing.

anti-A blood grouping reagent
anti-B blood grouping reagent
anti-A,B blood grouping reagent
anti-D rhesus typing reagent
anti-D blended rhesus typing reagent
Additional reagents
anti-human Globulin (AHG)
Albumin solution