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  • Urine Reagent Strips

Urine Reagent Strips

URIT 14G: used for URIT-50,URIT-330,URIT-560,URIT-500B,URIT-500C urine analyzer
URIT 13G: used for URIT-50 and URIT-500B,URIT-500C urine analyzer
URIT 10G/11G: used for URIT-50,URIT-180,URIT-500B,URIT-500C and URIT-30 urine analyzer
URIT 11F/12F: used for URIT-1500,URIT-1600,URIT-1610,URIT-500C automatic urine analyzer
URIT 14F: used for URIT-1600,URIT-1610,URIT-560 urine analyzer
URIT 10C: used for Clinitek®-50,100,500 urine analyzer
URIT 10B: used for Miditron®Junior urine analyzer
URIT 10E: used for ARKRAYTM™ MA-4260,AM-4290,AJ-4270,PU-4210 urine analyzer
•Much higher reliability with Ascorbic Acid parameter.
•Unique check block on every strip.

•Easy visual reading.
•Many different configurations in case of your need.
•Complete solution for urinalysis
•More parameters are expected and under development.